Kitchen Suppression

30% Off Kitchen Suppression Promotion

A modern commercial kitchen contains hot materials, grease-laden surfaces, not to mention open fires; making the environment extremely prone to fire hazards. And such fires are prone to spread quickly to surrounding environments, and can be very difficult to control. At Vortex Fire Protection, our goal is to ensure total safety within the kitchen with state of the art kitchen suppression technology; at a 30% discount from the regular price as a promotion!

Fire Extinguisher

Steps on How to Use A Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are essential as an immediate response to fire hazards. Keeping the fire extinguisher at an easily accessible location is trivial to most, but properly using a fire extinguisher is a simple but crucial fire protection skill that all should learn.

The Importances of Fire Protection

An excellent video from NFPA showing us that only by working together can we build a safe and reliable future. Our world is shaped by the present and those living in it; and our goal at Vortex Fire Protection is to ensure that businesses and homes are fully protected against every type of fire hazard.